Leadership Worthy of History

In our day and age, the concept of leadership has suffered due to negative characteristics of poor ethics and compromising integrity.

The negative exposure of global scandals evidently affects various arenas of moral, economic and spiritual components of life. Unfortunately, the evidence of such things indicates our environment is saturated with haughty, greedy and selfish leadership. A graduate from MIT, Professor Dr. Leonard Sayles, categorized leadership in the 90’s and the millennium indicated overly arrogant and greedy characteristics. Our microwave generation, the “I must have things now generation” is falling into the box of failing to adhere to proper elements of effective leadership can bring about dire consequences. The need in our generation signifies that we desperately need moreleaders who walk in the fear of the Lord.

God knows very well the methods of success and will always put you through a process before He promotes you, so your reign won’t be a temporary one as He cares about your character before your glory. He desires for your footprints to leave a legacy for generations to come.

The Bible is full of models and prototypes of great leaders. Such biblical examples show God can and will use each phase of your life to train you in the right season. He will bring out the best fragrance of leadership to appeal to others to draw them to Christ.

Let us analyze the training and character of a great leader who made history: The great Queen Esther – an orphan girl whom God appointed and processed to become the leader who would preserve her nation from ultimate genocide. Esther came to the palace, not to be served, but to give her life for her people. In order to reach the throne, something perhaps she had never imagined in her life, she had to go through a process in order to prepare for what was to come.

Becoming queen did not happen overnight for Esther. There was much education and mentoring from her cousin and the eunuch. Esther had to have an obedient attitude and a desire to learn because the stature she would acquire as queen would require a firm will, mettle, stamina and above all humility. Prior to becoming queen, Esther had to go through the bedroom, the best place in the harem. She first had to be alone to meet with God. Before coming to notoriety, she had to go through anonymity. History tells us during this period of darkness in her room, her body had to be bathed in oil of myrrh for a period of six months. Why was myrrh chosen? We know about the aromatic smell of myrrh and how it was one of the elements given to baby Jesus as a gift at birth. Myrrh is a bitter tasting resin that contains many healing properties and is used as an antibiotic to heal wounds.

Perhaps Esther had wounds that needed to be treated; possibly her identity needed true healing. It was a bitter but necessary process, but it could have affected her leadership negatively had this process not been completed. This stage enabled much maturity and character. She was also bathed in myrrh in order to be preserved in the moment when her spirit was being submissive and her will subdued to becoming a queen.

Finally, the story concludes when Esther was sent to search for the king, to live in the palace. She won the confidence of the king and learned how to manage her resources well. Esther became a heroine for her people as she helped them escape ultimate annihilation. Esther was truly a leader who made history.

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