Your Scars are the Secret to the Future

It terrifies us to know that we have not triumphed or acquired recognition for something that we have attempted or done. It is impossible to accept and tolerate the idea of failing. However, who said that you and I must be successful in everything that we attempt to do? That is a false and feigned archetype, originating from mankind and not from God’s heart.

There is a popular proverb that says, “Third time’s the winner.” God specializes in using the dry and lifeless branches to achieve the plan that He designed since the beginning. It is when we are dead that the pneuma of God springs forth to lift us up and breathe over us; producing the most distinct melody so that others may have joy in the midst of their circumstances.

Since his childhood, the great redeemer knew that he had a great destiny in God. What could be expected from someone who was prepared in the greatest universities of Nile? What could be expected from someone who was raised in a nation of great power? Someone who acquired degrees, doctorates, and was exposed to the innovative trends of thinking, pertaining to his time. He was intellectually educated, as well as in the arts and music. The Bible says that Moses became a man of great words and acts. He won the respect of the Egyptians and he made a name for himself. Moses was a competent, intellectual, astute, skillful and capable leader. He managed the political, economic, and military information of his nation very well. He was full of power, influence, and charisma. He was the successor to the throne, after his adoptive father. Moses was the Prince of Egypt. However, his brilliant future didn’t come about as he had planned. His plan of carrying out his role, from the throne, failed. The crowd didn’t acclaim him, nor did it accept the idea of his coup. On the contrary, he had to flee and took off running when his plan became frustrated and didn’t happen as he thought it would. He had to hide and erase his identity.

In his frustration, he became full of questions. “Was I really chosen? Is this career the will of God for my life? What is my destiny? Can I be useful here?”

Moses held unto the will of God, however, he left the God of that very will. His first attempt did not involve God and it failed. His second attempt was God ordained and he succeeded. What have you started under your own methods and have failed in? What have you constructed on your own, only to later destroy them? What has God began in your life and it ended successfully?

Do not give up. About 40 years went by before God appeared to Moses one more time to present unto him an offer: “Go and free your people.” Many times when we fail during our first attempt, our instinct drives us to retire in a desert, within a cave or to exile. Yet, it is there where we are processed and transformed, to then come into the light. Do not allow these emotions to disqualify you. Consider them as indicators that you are emptying yourself so that you may be filled with the new things of God for your life. Moses had to experience failure, deception, disillusion, and defeat within himself before he could become his brothers’ redeemer, the Israelites. He had to experience insecurity and the feeling of insufficiency before he could qualify for the assigned task. Failure can many times serve an exceptional lesson, even though it may be a painful process. Do not run away from it! Embrace it and allow it to reciprocate.

Remember that success is the power that moves from one defeat to another, without losing enthusiasm. Jesus did not hide his scars, he exhibited them. They were publicly exposed and accompanied with mockery, accusations, and blaspheme. However, from the depth of the Earth, from the most deep, he has catapulted and exalted to the highest, and was given a name that’s above every name.

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