You were called to rebuild the desolate ruins of your city and community. Get up!

Pastora Dorcas Laboy

Dorcas Laboy

Pastor Dorcas Laboy is the Lead Pastor of History Makers Church. Pastor Dorcas has dedicated over 25 years of her life helping others transform their circumstances, and discover the plan and purpose of God for their life.

Her voice rises as a voice of change and her message as one of hope, bringing truth, weight, and healing to the heart. Touching hearts that are without hope, with the word of God, is her passion; so they may experience the abundant life of Christ in their life. She ministers, teaches and writes about God’s divine design for mankind, and how to fulfill His purpose here on Earth.

Pastor Dorcas Laboy has a Doctorate of Ministry from Vision International University, and a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Doxa International University. She also has a bachelor’s degree of Communications.

She is a mother, motivational speaker, radio host, writer, preacher and teacher, and a conference speaker, among many other things.

Pastoral Team

Nadja Navedo
Enoc López & Maria Quan
Kenny Rivera & Zoby Calderón