Our Vision

“Transforming Nations, Uniting Cultures, Raising a Multicultural Church for The Whole Family.”

History Makers (HIM) is a multicultural, relevant, and dynamic church that is full of the Spirit; with the responsibility and the vision that each individual come to know new life in Christ, and may be able to reproduce him/herself in their city and nation, creating an impact with the word of God.

A History Maker is a passionate person, knowing the heart of God in order to meet every human need and love for the lost. He/she is a radical believer, initiator, seed sower, bestower of grace, a dreamer, risk taker, and is full of faith.

A History Maker strengthens the weak, seeks after the lost, heals the broken heart and the sick body, empowers the poor in spirit, and accepts the marginalized.

Our Mission

As History Makers, we are here to train, develop, and prepare every member in all good works for the edification of the Body of Christ. We present the ‘Good News’ with love, under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit, towards those who do not know Jesus.

We acknowledge our calling to touch hearts with the love of God and heal past wounds, so others may live a gratifying life and a bright future, full of the promises that are in God.

Our Values

History Makers believes in the Ubuntu principle, “all for one, and one for all.” Ubuntu is based on the following principles:

Unity – We are in this together. We form one body.

Respect – We act with consideration and deference, in respect to the feelings of others.

Honesty – We act in a consistent manner, with all people and at all times.

Commitment – We honor and defend the goods of others. We conduct ourselves with integrity, in a coherent manner. We do not take advantage of the innocence and ignorance of others.

Tolerance – We treat people with dignity.

Communication – We strive to empathetically understand your points of view and particular situations.

Solidarity – We appreciate those who surround us.