Redefine Your Name

That’s the question God asks you as you read these sentences. It may be that your identity has been tarnished by the events and challenges of life or by an innumerable amount of other things that your environment breeds. You may experience echoes of voices in your mind speaking words of frustration, failure, loss, disappointment, lack of love, low self-esteem and an innumerable amount of other things that come to defile and destroy what God created within you. You may have submitted yourself to those voices and have adopted a lifestyle lower than what the Creator destined for you. It may be that you have been the victim of addiction, promiscuity, debauchery, lying, violence, abuse, and the attempt of many others things that have tried and still try to define you.

I’ve come to remind you that God wants to change and reaffirm your name so that you may no longer live bound to memories, but at the high level for which you were created. God desires to change every word that was declared over your life; that has made you a slave to that wrongful and destructive behavior. Such behavior that without even knowing, has robbed you of your promises, peace, well-being, and the progress of what God wants to do with you. The devil is an excellent accuser and attempts to define your personality through the environment that surrounds you. However, a word of God over your life can change your entire livelihood.

God used a name change to transform and change Paul’s, Jacob’s, Sara’s, Peter’s, and Abraham’s destiny. These people were insiginificant until God came into their life and changed their name. Each one of these people needed an encounter with the divine identity in order to reach their prophetic destiny. Once you know the name God has given you, you will reach the necessary grace to walk under the responsibility and authority of that name.

Although God had already desposited within Jacob’s spirit a direction, a destiny, and path, his life did not reflect what God had already spoken about him. His actions reflected deceit, chaos, and a life full of manipulations. Jacob deceived because his name meant a deceitful person. Everytime someone would call him by his name, they would only remind him of his defect; a manipulator and a liar. Jacob began to act as such; we will always act according to how we think we are. This influence was so great that his wives and family members began to develop within a deceitful environment, gossip, and manipulations. This behavior took Jacob to exile and then found himself fleeing from his reality and consequence. He felt that this was part of the problem and most likely felt incabable to change himself.

Jacob had fallen so much that not even the angel that had been assigned to bless him wanted to do it. The Bible says that he spent the entire fighting with the angel. Although the angel defeats him, Jacob refused to let him go. Jacob was after a blessing and a name change; it was during that time in which Jacob saw his inability, when God made himself known. Jacob’s persistance that his name be broken, crushed, and extinguished was such that God changed his name. He went from being an imposter to God’s princess. This name change launched him to his prophetic destiny. It is not a concidence that once his name was changed, Jacob became the father of a nation.

Therefore, it is important that we live under the name God has given us and not under the name the world gives us. It is time that you break away from those names which you have pacted with and have friended. The Bible says that in God all new things are new. You are a conqueror whom abides in the heights and masters it. God has already seen the best of you and now calls you by his name, History Maker. You will be able to walk where others have not, conquer areas that others have not been able to conquer, look back and be thankful because of where took you out of and where He’s taking you. When they speak of you, let them recount the chronicles of a soldier from heaven whose failures he turned into opportunities for success.

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